Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why Not?

Its been such a long time since my first and only post. I turned out to not have Celiac's. In fact, they don't know what's wrong. *Shrug. Oh well - I'm doing just fine.
I've moved back to my home town, population 240! Since then I've adopted three cats and a bird. I now have two cats, and two burial mounds in the yard. :-/
My fiance' also opted out of getting married which is to say that he's left. He lives relatively close and we've been able to salvage a patchwork friendship out of what was a really horrible, hurtful situation. I'm running my bakery and while it's labor-intensive and stressful, it is gratifying work -especially when people come back or even call JUST to say they loved thus and such pastry so much. I'll be sad to leave it, but I've decided to go back to a four-year university to get a degree - most likely in Art History, which has been my major for the last five years ;-)

New things I adore:

My newly painted and carpeted oasis bedroom - a complete literary haven with bookshelves and nooks and clean, "Better Homes & Gardens" elegance.

Twitter. Seemingly pointless at first, but one quickly overlooks that as addiction sets in which leads me to....

Neil Gaiman <3 Although I loved him for "The Graveyard Book," since finding him on Twitter I have become gradually hooked on everything he does. And I'm sorry - I don't find him a bit funny looking. I think he's quite attractive. *shrug

Makeup - I used to be obsessed - I had two entire bathroom drawers of makeup and a third for nail polish. Although I've continued on with my relatively recent habit of rarely wearing makeup, I find the urge to collect and play and buy has increased again. Maybe its something about being single. A mating ritual of the American female.

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