Monday, April 20, 2009

She Found Him!

I am SO nervous! I was searching around online, trying to find a last-minute prom dress for an employee of mine who can't afford anything for her senior prom. I really don't want her to miss it or feel embarrassed when the money issue isn't her fault. I'm having no luck, by the way. :-/
All of a sudden on facebook, I get a message from an Italian friend of mine whom I had implored to help me find someone - a boy I knew in Italy. I had emailed Valeria some weeks back and had not gotten a response (I figured she thought it was a bizarre request and had ignored it) but I just got a message from her via chat: "Amanda, ho trovato Bendetto!!" (Amanda, I found Benedetto!!). I am going nuts! I can hardly stand it. I'm so worried that my Italian is failing me and that's not what that means, or that she means non ho trovato Benedetto - that she didn't find him. Either way, she isn't answering on chat now and I'm going crazy. I feel like I'm going to be sick! It would be so amazing to find him now after... *calculates*.... 7 years.

She says that her friend had classes with Benedetto's brother and then she said something that as far as I can tell is "What're the chances?!" or more accurately: "What do you think about that?"

I think I've bungged it with my failing Italian! It seems like she does not know if he has email, but she will find out and tell me. I'm not sure :-/ I really hope I didn't frustrate her to the point where she isn't willing to help anymore. *Sigh

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