Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Neil and the Pantheon

Was so mad at Chris for a lot of today and yesterday. I'm generally a nicer, less quick to anger sort of person now but there's just something about his forced non-committal nonchalance that drives me mad!! In his defense, there is probably a big issue of sub-conscious guilt about the fact that we still sleep together. Not guilt because its necessarily wrong, but guilt because I know I really should be extricating him from my life, and having him physically entwined with me is a bad start. I guess that's where a big part of the urge to go away and finish college is coming from, but I've got to make sure I have my head in order before I start that project, because I'm pretty sure I'm running on my third strike right now. The powers that be probably won't risk the money again again. Again. Know what I mean?
Today was my little brother's 8th birthday (big age gap, I know) and I'm afraid it was rather over-shadowed by the fact that my mom's purse was stolen out of my car...which was NOT unlocked. They broke into the passenger window to get my mom's purse while my car was parked in front of the church where she works. I don't know what about my mom's purse or my car looked so inviting - there were apparently two other women who had their cars UNLOCKED and their purses inside who got nothing stolen. Maybe he's a particularly idiotic thief. Hardly anyone has cash anymore, right? And who wouldn't cancel their credit cards right away? I just don't think petty theft could cut it, anymore. I mean, The likelihood that you'll get caught is decent, and the odds of you making any money off of it are ballocks. PLUS, my mom SAW him! So she was able to give the Sheriff a description, I think. But the whole thing was that my mom had my car because hers wouldn't start and at the end of the day when the mechanic came out, her car started right up for him, just like the last time. Its so unfair for my mom - she's got to feel so responsible and its SUCH a hassle to get everything back: credit cards, AAA card, medical cards for her and my brother, driver's license, keys...SO many things.

My brother though thought it was a great lark and the tension suited him well. He was enthralled with his birthday dinner and very intent on his cake. Mine was the only physical gift given and it was a K'Nex "Dueling Racers" car set where you build two cars with engines. Well I got to build the cars but I was actually very happy to do it because (not surprisingly, I suppose) I never had 'boy toys' as a kid and always had wanted them. I coveted my brother's MicroMachines and Legos... not to mention the NES. :-D So I built both cars and we raced them down the hallway (Mine won, in case you're interested). I think all in all he had a good birthday. He's a kid that doesn't expect overmuch.

Now, unfortunately, I've got to do two projects that are due tomorrow and in the grand tradition of me, I haven't even begun them.

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