Monday, May 4, 2009

Probably not the Best Way

I've become uber addicted (again) to 'Heroes'. Now, specifically, it's Justin Baldoni (um, yum?) ---->
who plays Claire's love interest Alex in season III. And there's Adrian, and Sendhil, and Milo with his crooked mouth. But alllll these boys have one thing in common - that which they are not: Zachary Quinto (Um, super yum!?). Of course its all well and good and exciting that he was cast as Spock in the remake of....something Star Trek related. But SciFi bimbo that I am, I can't get behind the blue people and the pointy-eared people and the Beaming. I CAN however get behind another excuse to watch Z.q. as my finite number of episodes of season 3 is waning. Isn't there a blue guy in star trek? He looks vaguely Japanese, and 100% sad. Who am I thinking of? *Shrug. Dunno

Back to reality -

I'm on prednisone for allergies and asthma (told you - I'm a dork) and this shit makes me dizzy, tired, many things all at once. I wish I could sleep through the 15 day cycle - work is unbearable like this. Time seems to crawl and then all at once its over and I can't remember the entire day - including anything I may have talked about. The up-side is that my imagination, my Day-Dream-Drive, is in over-time and I dream of scenarios in which I charm the pants off Z.q. - Literally. Which in itself is not a problem. And I happen to think that Justin Baldoni will join the ranks tonight. Also not a problem :-p
It COULD be problematic that I plan on watching WallE as I fall asleep and if a cockroach named Hal interferes with my becomming Mrs q in my dreams.... so help me Andrew Stanton I will kick some ass on Emeryville.


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