Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Darling You Send Me

So I was on Prednisone for awhile for my asthma, excema, and allergies and while I was on it, everything was great - I had a little bit of allergy issues but the rest was GONE! And now I've been off for about a week and my life is shot to shit again. The inside of my elbow is currently broken out into big, angry hives as my face was earlier. My most persistent patch of excema is back on my hand and my allergies have me tired and worn out. I really hated Prednisone and I SO don't want to go back onto that stuff. I was hoping my Dr had some new ideas. I guess the only way to find out is to email him, but I'd hate to get a response that that's my only hope.

My friend Wesley's wedding was Sunday she (yes, she) looked so beautiful and everything went off without a hitch! I can't WAIT to see the photos! I wish I could remember the photographer's last name!!! I just did a few searches online and can't seem to find it.

My ex is in Norway and largely, I'm happy about that; I want him to be able to see his family etc but I definitely wish I could be there!! Plus he's being ambiguous enough to suit him while being direct enough to placate me as to what choice he's making regarding the purchase of a certain cow vs. getting the milk for free. So we have a date set up for when he gets back. I think a lot of things hinge on the next three weeks...

A guy I thought was into me was apparently being polite... the second I mention to somebody that a guy I like is emailing me and planning to come see me, I see neither hide nor email from him. I always seem to jinx myself like that. Oh well. I should really get thin again before I try any rondezvouz with anyone new.

God even my scalp has hives. I should probably get that taken care of before I meet someone new, too. Foreplay: "Rub this cortisone all over my body" Erm...no thanks.

Besides (Mella might kill me here) I don't actually WANT anybody new......

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