Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Job 1 & Job 2

I don't know what I was thinking, really. A full-time job + a part-time job + part-time school + attempts at a relationship... = insanity.

Oh yeah - Chris and I are dating again...wish me luck. :-)
Yesterday I went on a big, four-mile hike on my property...some really beautiful pictures came of it. And one very tired 'me'. I was glad to have done it though - exercise is good...I think I'm going to need it to clear my head and keep me healthy with this second job. My first night was five hours. three of which were on my own :-p
I'm working reception at a swanky hotel here in town - beautiful rooms with fireplaces and hand-sewn quilts. I love that hotel, but it can be deadly boring. At least at the bakery I can have the radio on to a volume where it distracts me...at the hotel, that's exactly what's NOT desired. But in addition to checking in the three rooms 'on the books' for tonight, I rented two other rooms to passers-by. One at the full, weekend rate (shhh... poor customers only know what I tell them. In this case - the room was $130. :-p) and the other at the sad, week-day rate PLUS his AA discount, which came to $90. The first guy was AAA too, so he was $117. All total I made the hotel $207, and she pays me $85 so it's alright. Plus the other $310 from the already-made bookings brings it to $422 in profits. Tomorrow I'm at the bakery all day - Wednesdays have been going more quickly with Cameron and Paige there. I'll miss Lindsay, though. She left this past Sunday to begin her new life as a freshman at Uof O. Tear! :'-( She was a great employee...and we'll lose our other great, young employee to Northridge College later in July... I guess they DO have to grow up, but I DON'T have to like it. *pout!
Posted is the view of my small town from the highest point on my property..and I'm pretty sure the highest point in town.

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