Thursday, February 11, 2010

Probably Watching Too Much TV

Whew! A lot has happened! I hope to be using the blog a lot more - this and my other one.

SO! Chris and I have moved to Santa Barbara - 390 miles from my sleepy hippy farming town. I miss my friends and my family and my perfect pastry job but I'm adapting fairly well. I JUST got a job after about a month and a half but I haven't started working yet. I'm hoping that when I do, I'll be less apathetic about everything and that I'll watch a LOT less TV (Cats 101 just having finished at Big Cat Diary just beginning).
We cleaned the apartment very nicely today as my Dad and my little brother John are coming for a visit tomorrow on their way to see Dad's parents who are vacationing in Palm Desert. I'm really excited to see them but I wish I could see my mom too. Hopefully I'm going home the weekend of the 28th and I'll see Mom and Grandma and Cameron and Yaya then. I have multiple Dr's appointments to do then and I wish I had started working sooner so I could ask for a three-day weekend. I have to get some blood work done but maybe I can ask my dr to delay it for two weeks. It would be hard to put off going home, but I might rather go home when I have time to see everyone I want to see.
Hopefully I start working soon and we don't have have to choose between food and laundry!! :-p

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